Cambrian Public School

An English Medium Co-educational Senior Secondary School

(Affiliated to C.B.S.E., Delhi)

ISO 9001 : 2008 Accredited School


1. The intended withdrawal of a pupil should be made known in writing to the Principal at least one calendar month in advance or one month's full fee will be charged.

2. Transfer Certificate will not be issued until all the dues are cleared and "No Due Certificate" is obtained. The fee collection record is to be shown to the school office at the time of submission of the application for withdrawal.

3. A student can be asked to leave the school by the school authorities at any time of the year on the following grounds :

  • (a) Unsatisfactory progress
  • (b) Irregular attendance
  • (c) Indiscipline
  • (d) Detention in a class
  • (e) Habitual idleness
  • (f) Disobedience
  • (g) Use of bad language
  • (h) Smoking/Consumption of alcohol/tobacco
  • (i) Conduct injurious to the progress of the school
  • (j) Disrespect
  • (k) Repeated misbehaviour against the spirit of the school
  • (l) A child who fails twice in the same class.