Cambrian Public School

An English Medium Co-educational Senior Secondary School

(Affiliated to C.B.S.E., Delhi)

ISO 9001 : 2008 Accredited School


Games & Sports Activities for  Games and Sports activities for Primary Primary Children From Children From
Class – I to II Class III to V
Sports Events Like Minor Games Like Sports Events Like Minor Games Like Major Games Like
30 M Dash Hopping 50 M Dash One Leg Fight in Circle Kho-Kho
50 M Dash Zig Zag Run 100 M Dash Cock and Crows Mini Football
Chocolate Race Pickup and Put Fruits in the Basket and Run Standing Broad Jump Throw Ball in Circle Tennis Cricket
Biscuit Race Cats Rats   Shuttle Run Chess
Tennis Ball Throws Motioning the Tail Sack Race Dodge Ball  
Frog Race Statue Skipping Race Basketing the Ball  
Jalebi Race Follow the Leader Tennis Ball Throw Flying Disc  
Balloon Bursting Rolling The Ball Three Legend Race Cock Fight  
Get Ready for School Catching and Throwing the Ball Needle and Three Race Passing the Ball  
Standing Kho-Kho Balancing on the Toes Lemon and Spoon Race Run with the Ball