Cambrian Public School

An English Medium Co-educational Senior Secondary School

(Affiliated to C.B.S.E., Delhi)

ISO 9001 : 2008 Accredited School


1. Attendance in the school is compulsory for all the students for the full session.

2. Leave will not be granted on verbal or telephonic message.

3. A student will not normally be allowed to leave the school during the school timings. However, if there is a necessity, the parents will have to write an application, come personally and procure a Gate-Pass from the class teacher, which will be approved and countersigned by the Principal.

4. Attendance is compulsory both on the opening & on the last working days of each vacation. Absence must be notified in the "Regularity Record" provided in the school diary by the parents.

5. A student returning to school after sickness must produce a fitness certificate from the doctor.